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AxE: Alliance vs Empire – Tips & Tricks

AxE: Alliance vs Empire is here! If you are one of the many new players jumping into the game, you’ve likely already picked your character class, played through the early game, and you already know the detailed backstory—so what’s next? To help everyone who is new to AxE get started, we’ve pulled together some Tips & Tricks to help you understand what those exclamation mark (!) and “N” symbols mean, or how to get the best value out of your gold. Definitely leave us a comment if this guide helps you out!

Follow the Icons

As you are slaying monsters and completing quests, keep an eye out for exclamation marks (!) and “N” symbols on menus and icons. The “!” means that you have something you can do in that menu, be it collect a reward, enter a dungeon, or spend a skill point! If you see the “N” icon, that means you have received something like a new piece of armor or a new title.

Complete Your Daily and Weekly Achievements

AxE has a variety of daily and weekly missions that task you with running through various dungeons or participating in player vs player (PvP). Completing missions earns you rewards in the form of gold, Spirit Stones, Runes, and more to help you as you level up. Powerful Spirit Stones and Runes are what start really propelling players ahead due to their unique and varied effects. Want to deliver devastating critical hits? Look for and strengthen Crit Rate and Crit DMG Improvement Spirit Stones. The earlier you can start collecting and strengthening Spirit Stones and Runes, the easier it will become to increase your power.

Collect Your Daily Free Stuff

This may seem like a no-brainer, but don’t forget to go back and collect those free gear chests! You can claim up to 7 free gear chests from the shop each day. Six Normal Gear Chests (lower grade gear) and one Fine Gear Chest (higher grade gear). There are also some login bonuses that you should claim each day:

  • Attendance Reward – A daily reward that is automatically rewarded just for logging in. On the seventh day, you receive an Epic Armor Choice Chest. These are VERY valuable as they allow you to choose which piece of armor you get as a reward!
  • Login Reward – If you play for a total of 2 hours, you’ll be able to claim 4 rewards including a Fine Gear Chest, that can contain some of the best gear in the game.
  • Event Reward – These special rewards are only available for a limited time so be sure to take advantage of them.
  • The Rest Reward is some gold you can claim for taking a break and logging off. The more time you are logged off a character, the more gold you will receive. It does max out at 72 hours, rewarding you 100,000 gold.

Play Through the Story!

Playing through the main story missions will help you level up quickly, earn you new gear, and unlock more game modes. As you level up you will expand your selection of skills and will gain access to your first class attribute at level 10. Test out the different skills and attributes to decide which ones are for you! The new gear you will be awarded for completing story missions will help you replace your beginner gear and fill out your accessory equipment slots. Being fully equipped increases your survivability and overall damage output which helps for later missions.

You will also be unlocking new game modes and dungeons as you progress.   

  • Dungeons – These are instanced solo challenges that reward weapons, armor, and accessories. You unlock your first dungeon after clearing the 1-4 main story mission. There are currently 21 different dungeons that you can unlock by playing through the main storyline.
  • Arena – This 4v4 PvP game mode is unlocked after clearing mission 2-4. You compete against another team to see who can gain the most kills within the time limit. This is a great way to hone your PvP skills. There are also daily and weekly missions that award Spirit Stones just for participating in Arena.
  • Raids – After clearing the main storyline mission 4-8 you will gain access to Raids. Raids give huge amounts of gold, special crafting materials, and is one of the few places you can get enhancement dust. You can only do one raid a day and the rewards are based on how much damage you do to the raid boss.  

Strengthen and Upgrade Your Armor

Upgrading your armor increases its effectiveness, builds class diversity, and grants special bonuses. The obvious benefit in upgrading your armor is that you will be more protected. Higher grade armor provides more Defense (DEF) power. This will make clearing various dungeons and raids at a higher rating easier, earning you better rewards.

There are additional bonuses once a piece of armor hits Epic (Purple) grade. At the Epic grade, a Spirit Stone slot opens up and you can really start diversifying your character build. Did you want to focus on survivability or pure damage output? There are options for both depending on the Spirit Stone you select!

Another great benefit of Upgrading multiple pieces of armor is the Codex Bonus. With bonuses ranging from increased experience (EXP) gain to a boosting your Attack (ATK) power, the Codex Bonus is like a set effect that isn’t attached to the armor you are wearing. Collect at least 3 pieces of a Rare (Blue) grade armor set to unlock the Codex Bonus for that set. The more pieces of a set you collect, the more bonuses you unlock! Check out the various Codex Bonuses by opening the Gear menu and selecting the book icon in the bottom center of the screen.

Know the Classes

Understanding the basics and roles of each of the classes will help you fully grasp what your party can bring a battle.

  • Titan / Warrior – These classes are your crowd controllers and tanks. They can affect the enemy’s accuracy (ACC), decrease their overall damage (DMG), and even stun opponents for a short while. Their role is to make sure the support characters have the space they need to do their job while offering the damage dealers the opportunity to deal as much damage as possible.
  • Blademaster / Mage – These are your damage dealers. They specialize in increasing the parties critical hit rate (Crit Rate), decreasing the enemies DEF, and increasing the damage dealt by Skills (Skill DMG). Their role is to create moments where the damage output of themselves and the group is so high, the enemies fall in battle or are thrown into a panic and use special skills unnecessarily.
  • Archer / Valkyrie – These two classes fulfil the roles of supports and healers. While still being able to dish out some impressive damage, they are able to reduce the overall damage their team takes, make the party immune to certain effects, like stuns, for a time, and are able to provide healing to the entire party. Their role is to keep the party up and provide defensive buffs to help with hard-hitting attacks.

Pick Your Playstyle

While navigating the world or dispatching enemies, AxE uses a mix of automatic and manual playstyles. Manual means full control of everything—from movement, to camera, skill usage, and so on. Automatic takes control and will help you move to and from quest areas, or attack advancing enemies.

Both playstyles speak to different types of players, but advanced players will use a combination of both systems. Need a quick run back to the zone quest hub? Flip on Auto and your character will track back to the quest NPC. Want to optimize your damage output? Let the game focus on the basic attacks while you manually queue up your big skill moves. Going to take on a Raid boss? Swap to full manual control to dodge their attacks and time your skills perfectly.

Not everything needs to be Automatic, choose when you want it and how you want it to maximize your effectiveness and enjoyment.

World PvP – What You Need to Know

Once you step into the Windy Hills area, you will start to run into players from the opposing faction. Defeating these players will earn you Valor, the PvP currency, that can be used to purchase high-grade materials and items from the shop. If you are really competitive—or just enjoy PvP—you can compete with others for a spot on daily leaderboards, which reward a temporary title increasing your stats!

Whether you are looking to actively hunt down enemy players or just trying to finish up some quests before you head to the next area, here are some things you should know to help you accomplish your goals.

  • The Map will show you the location of everyone in your area. This includes enemy players! Use this to avoid concentrations of enemies or pick off someone who is alone.
  • Keep an eye on the PvP Icon near your health bar. A blue shield means you are fully protected, a white eye means enemies can only attack you if you attack them first, and red swords mean you can be attacked at any time. The further away you venture from your faction’s outpost, the less protected you are.
  • Make sure your Target Settings are what you want them to be. By pressing on your class icon in the upper left of the screen, you will open your Character Info screen. Down at the bottom you can select whether or not you want to automatically target other players. Just questing and want to finish? Turn it to manual. On the hunt for other players? Switch it to auto and make sure no one catches you by surprise!
  • If the enemy faction is preventing you from completing a quest or leaving an area, don’t worry. After being defeated a few time, you will receive a special PvP Shield that makes you immune to all PvP damage for 5 minutes. As long as you do not attack an enemy player, so be sure to check your Target Settings!

Spend Your Gold Wisely – It is Used for Everything

Completing the main story missions and collecting achievement rewards you will gain quite the stockpile of gold early on. However, those are one-time large rewards and the rate at which you gain gold will start to drop off once you have claimed them. Since gold is used in everything from simply removing an equipped Rune to Upgrading your gear to the next rarity grade, choosing what to spend your fortune on is important.

Here are some worthwhile investments for your gold:

  • Develop and Upgrade Gear – Weapons, armor, and accessories will be the main factor in determining your total ATK and DEF power. Investing in powering them up will be well worth it. Especially if you find a piece of gear with a specific stat bonus you like.
  • Develop and Upgrade Spirit Stones – Spirit Stones are amazing and—along with Runes—will ultimately help define what makes your character build unique. Once you invest in a good Spirit Stone you can add and remove it to whichever piece of gear you wish.
  • Enhance and Upgrade Runes – Runes also will help define your unique character build. They provide offensive or defensive bonuses based on the rune type. If you have 4 of the same type of Rune equipped you will activate their set effect. Like Spirit Stones you can equip or remove Runes at will so they stay relevant forever.

Set Your Auto HP Potion Use

Did you know you can customize when you automatically use an HP potion? In your Settings under the Game tab, use the “Auto Potion Use” option set at what % of health you will automatically use an HP Potion. This can be a great help to make sure you don’t get bursted down by a powerful monster or player. You can also set this to 0% to make sure you don’t use HP Potions unnecessarily while just farming. This will help you save your stockpile of HP Potions for when you really need them!

Have Your Own Tip or Trick? Let Us Know!

We hope these tips & tricks were helpful to you! If you have any tips or tricks for newer players, be sure to leave them in the comments below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest AxE news and events!


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servidor: Yann…era bom termo um per ou montaria


era bom ter uma montaria ou pet

IGN: SrPezao

era bom ter montaria e per!!!

I am from yaan server my ign is jjangx

I have a tip to share about the runes.

When you have 4 of the same runes you have bonus it doesnt have to be same grade. It could be epic epic epic rare. Just found that out couple days ago I thought i would share it thank you !

At least some portion of your experience with developing your character will involve using repeatable area quests. Join a guild to take advantage of guild buffs that boost your questing experience gained. Use Hero’s Blessing scrolls to boost even more!

It would be better if the safe ticket is consumed only if the enhance fail, not on succes too.

GN: XiaFei

server: menandir
IGN: labuka

Use heros blessing scroll about 30mins before server reset, then do daily quests, after server reset do daily quests again, this will do 2 days worth daily quest with 1 hero blessing scroll used.
Equipt A and B slots with different equipments/skills to benefit in different events.
Buy more skill points with white diamonds, this will increase your stats greatly.
Buy healing potions with event currency, this will save you a lot of gold.

Bug in slag sub quest

Want more EXP, while you SLEEP, without having to do ANYTHING??? Choose the Lynx repeatable EXPERIENCE quest, put it on AUTO.

NEXT make sure you’ve stocked a bunch of Red HP Potions, which you can get 2 for 1 with the YARN from the current event, instead of wasting gold on the HP Pots. Make sure your Pad or Phone doesn’t automatically timeout by setting it to never.

Now make sure the quest is highlighted and the AUTO box is checked… Now just go to sleep and let your device do the work and play on auto. At lower levels you can wake up in the morning find that your character has gained 5 to 7 or more levels, ALL on AUTOPILOT while you SLEEP!!!

The Lynx Repeatable quest is the EXP gaining quest that you need to do, even for a higher level toon. This WORKS OVERNIGHT TO GET YOUR CHARACTER UP TO THE LEVEL YOU NEED TO GET PAST THAT HARD DUNGEON THAT YOU CANT SEEM TO BEAT!!! YOU CAN RAISE YOUR CHARACTER LEVEL UP BY 2 – 6 levels per night, or more, without touching your phone, pad, OR OTHER DEVICE.


Thanks thats very helpfully to me