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AxE: Alliance vs Empire – World History Part II


PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

AxE: Alliance vs Empire is now available on iOS and Android devices worldwide! Download Now and join us and fight for the Empire or the Alliance today!

Last week, we took a look at the ancient history of the AxE world. Learning about the gods, their wars, and how the various races were created. If you missed it or want a refresher, check it out here.

This week we learn more about the Human Hero King, the wars between the races, and the second coming of the Lord of Chaos.

Rise of the Human Empire

With Benuv and Kaidan sealed in the divine continent of Zandium, the great Mythic War had ended. The remaining forces of chaos were controlled by the surviving Archfiend, known as the Demon King, and began to attack the weakened Human kingdoms. Just as the Humans were losing hope, an incredibly powerful warrior appeared, decimating the Demon King’s army. The Human kingdoms united under this warrior and he was crowned the Hero King of the Human Empire.

This Hero King appealed to the Dwarven and Elven nations, asking for their help in order to defeat the Demon King. Unfortunately the Elves and Dwarves did not wish to involve themselves or provoke attacks against their own kingdoms. With his allies refusing his call for aid, the Hero King mounted one final offensive in order to defeat and seal the Demon King. Though there were many casualties, he succeeded in sealing the Archfiend away.

War Between the Races

With the pain of his losses still fresh, the Hero King of the Human Empire declared that all the races should be unified. A single force against anything that threatened the peace and order of the land. He then began his preparations for conquering the Elven and Dwarven nations. Underestimating the might of a unified Human Empire, the Elves and Dwarves were pushed back and eventually formed an alliance in order to defend their lands. With the combined strength of the Dwarven and Elven kingdoms coming to bare, the Hero King was defeated, ending the war.

 Birth of the Kiko and Fall of the Dwarven Nation

However, something unexpected came from the Elf-Dwarf alliance. The Kiko, half-Elf half-Dwarf hybrids, were born and their magical potential was astonishing. Previously only the Elves could use magic, but the Kiko proved to have an even greater prowess for the arcane. Threatened by this, the Elves shunned them and the Dwarves looked down on them as “half -breeds.” The birth of the Kiko ultimately lead to the end of Elf-Dwarf alliance.

The Dwarves were not finished with the Humans though. They were angry at them for starting this war and continued their attacks on the Human kingdoms. Though weakened, the Humans proved too much for just the Dwarves to handle alone and the Dwarven nation was all but wiped out, only a few small wandering tribes surviving.

Fracturing Nations

With no common enemy or Hero King to band them together, the various kingdoms within the Human Empire began to split, declaring their sovereignty. The Titans, huge and powerful warriors of the eastern deserts became focused on growing their physical prowess and developed into a barbarian-like nation, where might was right and the strongest ruled over them all. The nomadic tribes of the central plains were never fans of the strict policies and rules imposed by the Hero King. They preferred their easy-going lifestyle, moving from place to place as they saw fit. Some of the Humans, who remained loyal and devoted to the ideology of the Hero King, gathered in the small kingdom of Praman.

Even the Elven nation was seeing unrest and division in their people. The Iron Elves were those who wished to devote themselves to Benuv’s will and protect his temples and followers. They wished to honor him by living strict, orderly lives. However there were those amongst the Elves who wished to return to their lifestyles before Kaidan’s invasion. Living in harmony with nature and nurturing the forests, they called themselves the Forest Elves.

The half-Elf half-Dwarf Kiko secluded themselves away from the remaining Dwarves and Elves. They were open to relations with the Humans, simply because they had not mistreated or shunned them. The kingdom of Praman welcomed them and helped them establish a school, valuing the knowledge the Kiko possessed as well as their powerful magic.

Resurrection of the Gods

While the various nations were fighting amongst themselves, a new threat emerged. A new Archfiend, the King of Death was gathering Kaidan’s relics in order to revive the Lord of Chaos. With the Humans, Elves, and Kiko busy with each other, the King of Death was able to undo Kaidan’s seal and resurrect him.

Kaidan’s resurrection was soon discovered and all of the races put aside their differences in the face of this threat. Uniting and forming an alliance to battle against Kaidan, each nation sent a representative to help gather Benuv’s relics in order to resurrect him.

  • Tyr – The Human Warrior knight of the Praman kingdom
  • Olga – The Forest Elves top Archer
  • Exia – Lead Valkyrie of the Iron Elves
  • Calbanus – The barbarian king of the Titans
  • Kiri – The strongest Blademaster from the nomadic tribes
  • Teresia – High Magus of the Kiko.

When Kaidan discovered their plans, he sent waves of demons to prevent them from accomplishing their goal. Olga, Exia, Calbanus, and Teresia perished during the journey but ultimately succeeded in their mission. Kiri and Tyr were able to undo Benuv’s seal and revive him. Benuv granted his blessing to Tyr and sent him onto the battlefield to decimate Kaidan’s forces. Once a path to Kaidan had been cleared, Benuv mustered the last of his power to, once again, seal both himself and Kaidan away.

Join us next week as we get caught up to the present and learn about how the Darkhaan Empire and Galanos Alliance formed and what caused them to go to war with one another.

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