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The Nexon Community

At Nexon, we believe the heart of gaming starts with our players, and our community team is committed to providing an experience that keeps the game thriving. From driving brand awareness through in-depth social campaigns, to creating new outliets for player discussion—Nexon is the place to be!

AxE: Alliance vs Empire

Tips & Tricks

To help everyone who is new to AxE get started, we’ve pulled together some Tips & Tricks !

AxE: Alliance vs Empire

Class Introductions

Whether you are fighting for your freedom with the Alliance or striving to protect the world through order and justice with the Empire, these guides should give you a starting point!

AxE: Alliance vs Empire

World History Part I

AxE takes place in a world that is full of history. Let’s take a look into the stories of the past and learn about the gods, their wars, and how the various races came to be.


Durango: Wild Lands

Darkness Rises