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Darkness Rises – Tips & Tricks

Darkness Rises launched a few weeks back for iOS and Android and is already at over 4M downloads worldwide! We’re overjoyed to hear that so many people are jumping into the game and having fun with the fast action in both PVP and PVE.

With all the excitement around launch, we thought it would be fun to send around some tips & tricks to help everyone get the most from the game. We’ve seen questions on our social pages, as well as Reddit, and even in our own office. So working with our QA department (thanks Preza, Matt S!) and production teams at Nexon, here’s a quick selection of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Darkness Rises!

Follow the red dots! When you first start the game the easiest way to get up and running is to follow the red dots visible on top of activities, menu items, and more. These dots indicate that something can be done, such as playing a new mission in adventure, opening a daily free chest, or upgrading your character skills.

Daily and Weekly missions. Staying on top of the daily and weekly missions is the fastest way to level up! Weekly missions focus on mini-challenges related to activities in game, while Daily missions reward you for the activities themselves. Check out all there is to offer in PVP, PVE, and Co-op missions to knock out these missions.

Use essences to upgrade characters. One of the best ways to advance in the game is to continuously level your character stats and boot your total power. To upgrade you’ll need essences that drop in Adventure mode or drop in specific essence chests. Start earning and upgrading to tackle higher rank missions and dominate in PVP or PVE.

Gear Development. As you advance later into the game, you’ll start seeing less direct upgrades in chests and will need to focus on new ways to earn top rank gear. There are two ways to boost your effectiveness for weapons and armor:

  • Upgrading gear allows you to take any item enhanced to max and transition it to the next rank using Upgrade Stones. This method keeps the original item intact, allowing any set bonuses to carry over as well. Upgrade stones can be hard to come by, so use sparingly!
  • Fusing gear takes two items of the same rank that have been enhanced to max and merges them into an all new item of the next rank. Be advised, the new item created may not match the original item, which could result in a loss of set bonuses.

Know your enemy. Each of the available PVP modes offers a different way to spar against real life darkness rises players. While each mode is different, there are a few solid tips to keep you active and competitive:

  • Countering an enemy attack while blocking is extremely important and can be the deciding factor in any PVP encounter. Watch your opponent and anticipate when they’ll use a skill or attack, then block. If you time it just right, you’re opponent will take damage and be stunned, allowing you to strike back with a devastating blow.
  • Keep your distance on your opponent and pick the best possible moment to attack. It’s not running away, it’s tactically avoiding danger while priming a punishing attack! Paired with dodge, this can be an excellent strategy to keep your opponent on their toes.

  • Visit the Village! After completing Adventure stage 4-5 you’ll be able to visit the Village for a refreshing dip into the hot springs or a chance to relax while fishing. These two soothing activities also offer a tactical benefit while playing the game. Before heading to activities, be sure to spin the Lucky Wheel!

    • Fishing uses bait which can be found through a bunch of different activities, such as the Lucky Wheel or Guild shop. Different baits lets you fish up different types of items. Experiment to see what you can pull up from the depths below.
    • The Hot Springs provides temporary buffs through bath oils. These oils provide a 30 minute buff to a variety of stats. Players can share oil effects, so it’s always a good idea to see if one is active before applying your own. Simply relax for at least 30 seconds you’ll have a buff applied after you leave the pool.

    • Experiment with all character classes! Playing all the classes has a few benefits. For starters, you get a better sense of what each class abilities are when you encounter them in PVP or in a group dungeon or raid. Beyond raw knowledge, the game grants rewards for multiple characters and applies a percentage of their power to the rest of the group. This helps new characters level faster and more efficiently, while providing the total group with more power.

      Want more tips & tricks? Head over to the Darkness Rises Plug community and check out the game guides! These guides have walkthroughs for all areas of the game and you might learn something you missed along the way.

      Have a tip you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear it!

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I cant create a name it keeps on “the name is already in use” but im trying to create unique names but it kees on like that. How can i fix this?

I cant create the character names it keeps on “the name is already in use” how can i fix this?

This is a very great game! It’s like diablo being re-imagined in mobile platform!

I love this game its all i ever wanted a game where you can make you own character. Have gear , costumes and wardrobe. I love it my main is assasin. I love it :3

P.S thank you for a great game!

Oh and what jake said, this is one of the best Rp game i have ever played.

@Wide-eye-Pirate: Try our support site and let them know about your issue: https://www.nexonm.com/support/

@Jake: Thanks! We’re honored to be compared to Diablo!

@GhoztWolfz: The team spent a lot of time on customization and it was a central focus while building the game. We’re so happy it’s bringing you joy every time you play!

Unable to create character because it always say “The name is already in use.” Reinstalled app, tried many real and senseless names and still cannot create a character.

Why not the option t choosr male or female for all classes? I for one like to use a mage but then male. The female ones look great though!

@frustrated – sorry to hear you are having issues with the game. Definitely contact our customer service group and let them know, they might have a workaround to resolve: https://www.nexonm.com/support/

@Erwin – good question and something the dev would have to answer. Maybe we can set up a Q&A and ask them at a later date!

Join the guild “LEGEND1s” and become the best guild ever knowned – hurry up before the list will closed ???

How do I get a refund?

So I made a clan called FonxClan and a lot of people joined after a day and I wanted my friend to join, but I don’t know how to kick people

So I created a clan and to many people joined and I want my friend to join and I don’t know how to kick

Help please, ‘Name already in use’ keeps popping up whatever name i try, even random names like ‘hsuaggay’ doesn’t work T_T

I’m looking for a way to get more upgrade stones where do I farm at lvl 37 Wizard character name is Kailey24

i downloaded the game on my phone but my phone is not the newest so its kinda laggy.
so i thought i download it on my game pc so i can run it smoothly.
now i log in to my account on my pc and try to log in but everytime it says login is restricted for this country
this is odd cause my phone login runs just fine

So the server i’m using is Australia, what i want is to change my server into Asia that says or tags as “Best”.. So is there a way that i can change my server without loosing my main character? I don’t feel like starting all over again. Devs please help.. :o!

cant connect to server. try again later.

New update has stopped the game. The game switches on and of every four seconds as won’t stop. Have deleted and reinstalled still carries on switching on and off.

Suggest a name for create character

i have completed stage 4-5 and unlocked village but i cant go through it despite a 100% loading completion. pls help

why can’t I fuse my 2 rank A weapons (maxed both) ? ive fused a lot of gears but am only having this issue on my assassin char. pls help

Please help me. When I put a name it shows ‘The name has already used’. What can I do????

pvp matches are rigged. biased unfair matches when winning a bit, system forces you to lose matching with high power players, which is super annoying and unfair, winning or losing is forced by system rather than skill. game balances is bad, berserkers and warriors skills easily own pvps, while assassins r significantly weaker. in beginning games story n gameplay nice, after a while repetitive story line not advancing.

Please make play with fri (party) in rank 3vs3 mode

When can i open infinite blade ultimate skill if the assassin?

Great game, i’m completely addicted to it, great graphics, i just love it and can’t stop playing it, i would love more history chapters! Keep up the good work!!!

My GUILD name is OooiiiiooO (three “o” four “i” and again three “o”), you’re welcome to join me, YOU CAN EVOLVE YOUR CHARACTER MUCH FASTER BEING PART OF A GUILD.

Naming is unavailable – no matter what I try to input, its ‘unavailable’.

Is there a way to kick players from your guild. I want to leave it because there’s only one member and I can’t leave

How i create player names

Agreed to the comment of ”why there is no female and male option in all four characters?” situation. It would be lots of fun with it and gets more players.
Also, I’m in love with editing your character, mostly the face but when you play all the characters you see that in every character it is kinda impossible to make your face like exactly you wanted, basically it, unfortunately, kinda looks like the basic face of your chosen character. It would be amazing if that face could be developed like a ”Sims” character face editing, more developed.
Anyways I love to play it, thank you for such a lovely game.

So, this is the simple Darkness Rises guide for the beginners. Now, let s start the Darkness Rises tips, cheats strategy to master the game.

How can I fix the character name???

How can unequip gear that I don’t wanna wear anymore…..?

Hi I need some assistance. I can’t seem to get a “correct” character name. Even the simplest of the names i thought of creating gives me a prompt with an error of an invalid character…

I don’t understand why. I tried it with large and small letters, combination and with numbers. Help! I can’t play because of this simple issue. 🙁

My Note 8 run smooth but I want you to improve more Texture on Darkness rises Game <3 if you can improve it

Do you think abouth create south america server??

Never shut this game like DARK AVENGER & DARKNESS REBORN. I love this game too much & i am addicted to it.
Graphics are awesome, Gameplay & storyline are awesome, motion blur looks cool, Controlling are awesome, Character looks & action moves are very very impressive. Overall its complete package of gaming entertainment & future of android gaming. Great job team.

When I downloaded it, it didn’t work so I dont know

How do I create another character if I akreeady have one? It tells me “a prohibited character is included”

I am not able to play game i downloaded the game but when i am entering the name of character . It is saying this name already exsists . So please help me to play the game . Because i want to play it???

I started playing DR recently and saw that there is an option to recover a coupon as it has in HIT and other Nexon games. How do I get a coupon?

Ok once all ur stuff is an S how do u get it an S+ I also did the refining for 300,000 but it didnt change the sword it put a +1 next to it I dont know what that means can u help me understand that better please cause all my stuffs and S and if I cant figure out how to do something different I’m afraid I’ll lose interest please and thank u

My character strength fell SG bug . Darkness Rises . ArsızBeLa Euroepean

Hi just wanna ask and inquire as to how to obtain a ninja costume… can this be bought by a one tine purchase? Details please i would love to see my character who is also an assassin in ninja uniform… thank you

Hello NEXON I have problem I wanna make a character but every name I use is I already used and I can’t make a another character because of that can you solve that problem there is no name I can use.

After the game is logged in my account and say tap to start after tapping it shows a message like:’client version is out of date please update client version to lates
How can I solve this problem.

I’m trying to play the game but I cant even get pass the name choice, it keeps saying name it’s in use please help.

when you will fix lag issues in pvp battles? impossible to play. when the matching will be more fair?

I Like This Game ( Darkness Rises 3 )
But I Hope That You
Can Get The Costume I Want.
( Bunny Girl Costume )

Darkness Rises is great, it’s my favorite game. But In the next update can we have the possibility to change the genre of the character? I do not like to play with a little girl as an archer.

How do you get temp necklaces, armor, ect? All of a sudden I have an S++, and it’s telling me I havr 5 days till it vanishes.

Love the game. Except the PVP. The lag is completely horrendous. Find my character stood still for most of the round. Then I just die. Pathetic. Won’t spend another penny until it’s sorted out. Using iPhone XS on fibre optic internet. Still not good enough? Joke!

Gibt es ein deutsches Forum oder Reddit?
Ansonsten…weiter so… hätte nur gern noch nen String Tanga bei meiner Assasine 😛

A superb game: great graphics, a lot of thing to do, the chance to do quite everything whenever you are on, costant upgrades and events. The only imperfection is the buying system: even when you spend real money you get a sort of random stuff and not what you want (step by step system for example ) and it misses a way to buy full costume sets for example without getting double stuff.

Hello everyone. If you have seen a player called XGirLTerr, that’s me. Only thing i hate about this game is Pvp, please creator and boss of Darkness Rises, delete that pvp thing.

Please give me A++ weapon and armors

There is a red dot over the main brawl page, where the settings option is here, problem is when I tapped it, shows to money share or something,. But after doing such things the red dot doesn’t goes! And most importantly, I have win a weapon after finishing the first match of brawl. Problem is, after that my charecter’s information menu shows a red dot, which doesn’t goes. I don’t understand why this two red dots are here!! Please help, to find out..

Pls I need help my phone just crash how can I get back to my account I am trying is working

What are the guild requirements to participate in guild wars? Is there a level that must be reChed to unlock this feature?

There must be other ways to level up faster.

The game won’t advance from the main screen after I’ve logged in with my face book account, when I select CREAT A PLAYER it won’t accept any user name I’ve chosen an yet the game doesn’t provide me with a name that I can use it’s quite confusing and I don’t want to delete it

WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. 

Why is it that every name i chose isnt working ? This game looks great but i cant play it because of this name thing…

Hi I’m playing darkness rises for 3 weeks and I really liked. My main avatar in knight and I trying to make my second avatar. So I have questions on it. Is it possible to make female berserker, male Archer, or male mage?