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Durango: Wild Lands – Organizations

The Warp. That is what people call the odd rips in the fabric of spacetime that have been appearing throughout the world. People, things, and even entire buildings have been known to disappear into the Warp and never be seen again.

So where does it all go? You are about to find out.

Welcome to the world of Durango, the land beyond the Warp. Where prehistoric dinosaurs roam and survival of the fittest is law. We have some groups you should talk to about starting your new life here.

You Are Not Alone

You are not the first nor will you be the last person to be transported to the land of Durango. Some of the people who came before you banded together to create organizations. These organizations are always looking for new pioneers and will ask you for assistance. It is up to you if you offer it or not.

Organization: The Company
Contact: K

The Company is focused on saving new Warp victims. One of the first people you will meet in Durango will be K—a representative of The Company. Assist The Company by participating in their humanitarian efforts across the lands of Durango to save as many people as possible from these harsh lands.

Organization: Chlorophyll Forum
Contact: Lui Jei

The Chlorophyll Forum is a group of people who see the wonder of Durango’s lush and natural landscape. They want to protect and live in harmony with nature. By living in balance with the natural world they believe they can thrive in this new world. They strive to show everyone they don’t have to sacrifice comfort to live in balance with nature.

Organization: Frontier Coalition
Contact: Novak

The Frontier Coalition sees Durango as an opportunity. They want to push the people living here into the industrial age and take advantage of the perks that would come with it. They are the ones who established the T-Stone currency system that is now used throughout Durango and are using that to fuel the further development of technology and industry in Durango.

Organization: The Committee
Contact: X

Not a lot is known about The Committee. It is a mysterious organization whose purpose is seemingly unknown. Their actions seem to be random and don’t look to have a large impact. Some people think they are just some crazy group while others think The Committee is trying to control the fate of Durango itself from the shadows.


Organization: Radio University
Contact: Dr. Lamar

Dr. Lamar set up the Radio University to help pioneers carve out their new life in Durango. He uses his vast knowledge to guide and teach any who would listen about what skills they will need in a certain profession.

Thanks for Reading

We look forward to you joining us in Durango! Let us know which organization you will be helping out in the comments below. Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all the newest Durango news and events!  

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Can make some event for tama pet? A limited edition pet for event only😁 request triceraptor

Market system, make a minimum price for all item

Clan system, please make the permission allow member in the clan just only for chieftain and elder only

Wish the future got more type of mission
Maybe is
*find the dinosaur baby back to mom😁

Now the outpost are too easy to attack…
We cant defence it anymore ,outpost is not fun…
Defence tower’s attack is too low

Last last last~~
Can i Request the Road sign board up to 64×64 or more? then i can make more art to share with every one😀

I will be joining the Chlorophyll Forum

Omg its back good bye ps4 hellooooo android

Aqui no Brazil nós gostamos K organization Company
Além de ser linda ela é uma heroína.

I would really like to have an alliance chat where members of all clans of said alliance could chat and share experience. Also is there any way to make it so i could remove toxic players from a group i created? I cant find any remove from group option, so would be nice to have one. Other thing is some words are being censored for no reason, even spelling skill names like Tailoring(“Tai” part is getting censored and i have no idea why is that). Dont know if anyone here will pay attention to what im writing but we do need these things to be able to work together and give meaning to allianced and group play in general.

Looking forward to the game

Please improve your servers especially Asia server

Been waiting my hoooll life for a game like this !! But it will be better if we had like a bestiary or an encyclopedia of dinos we meet or smtg like that, smtg that gives us informations , and maybe add baby dinos, eggs…

Tengo una duda ,como desbloqueo la ayuda o las entregas de la universidad o del profesor Lamar ( ayudenme por favor)

Hello im having a problem i cant log in sometimes i can log in but i having a isue with switching characters when i open my chat is disconnected my t stones and coin are zro the market is loading and i cant open my bag Plss fux this.

Hoje durante todo o dia não estou conseguindo jogar, ao tentar entrar no jogo aparece uma mensagem, GetClusterList, eu não consigo jogar

Boa tarde, não estou conseguindo ir para as ilhas de pvp, sou LV 60 e quando eu tento viajar para uma ilha PvP uma mensagem diz que nenhuma ilha selvagem está disponível no momento, sou do servidor West

How long do they take to deliver Durango coins, once they were purchased?

For market could u please make it so you can sell multiple same items at same time like runescape. Amd a minimum button
Game is awesome

Olá! Vou falar uma coisa que acho que muitos também encontram no jogo, não conseguir entrar na ilha PvP. Isso mesmo por mais que tente eu não consigo entrar em uma ilha PvP, eu vou em uma ilha civilizada uso a âncora, mas na hora de ir diz: “nenhuma ilha disponível.” Cara isso dá todas as vezes que fui lá pra tentar ir domar uns dente de Sabre ou até mesmo apenas explorar. Por favor!! Arrumem para que possa ir ao PvP.

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