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Durango: Wild Lands – Construction

One of the coolest parts of Durango is the ability to play the way you want to. With the natural resources that are abundant throughout the islands, there is a need for all kinds of pioneers. Chefs, tailors, and even smiths will find their talents needed and called upon. However, Chefs need a kitchen, tailors need looms, and smiths need a workshop. Those who can construct these various buildings other pioneers will use are who we are going to be talking about today!

Construction – Skills

From basic infrastructure to large mansions—within the Construction skillset there are several different paths you could choose. You could even choose to master them all and become a master architect.

  • Infrastructure – Help spruce up your private Domain or Clan Enclave with signs, roads, fences, and even tap into fresh underground spring water with wells.
  • Trap / Containers – This category includes storage containers and boxes as well as various furniture you can use to decorate your houses with. Things like chairs, tables, beds, and rugs.
  • Crafting Stations – Build specialized workbenches and other crafting structures for your friends and clanmates. Or you could sell some of these on the Island Market. Remember, a chef still needs a kitchen.
  • Living Quarters – This is exactly what it sounds like. Tents, houses, doors, windows, and more. Both animal taming and storage pens are included in this category as well.
  • Building Materials – These are simply the parts you will use when building more complex things like houses or higher level buildings. Things like planks, hinges and pillars. This is also where you will be able to find Building Repair Kits.
  • Advanced Training – This increases your skill in building construction or furniture crafting. Decreasing the failure chance and increasing the critical success chance when building.

Design Tip: For things like tents and houses, the material you use will affect what it looks like as long as it makes up more than half of the building. If you use Zebraceratops Leather for the Roof Material, then it will have the black and white striped pattern. Experiment with different materials to see what each looks like!

Complimentary Skills

Being able to gather or process your own raw materials all you to take full advantage of being an architect. Leveling up some of these supporting skills will go a long way.

  • Gathering – The two main categories to look at for construction are Wood and Minerals. You can spec into Gathering Basics a bit to increase your gathering success rate and decrease the time it takes to collect them.
  • Processing – Most of the things in processing are useful in some way. We’d recommend putting points into it in an as needed basis. Higher level buildings and materials will require different levels of processing.   

Useful Tools, Stats, and Tags

Save yourself some time and inventory space by only carrying around what you’ll need as an architect. Always keep a Knife around so you can gather plants and sticks. Axes are needed for chopping down trees and collecting logs. They can also be used in creating Planks from Logs. Hammers are needed when you are actually building something. Having a Pickaxe handy is also recommended so you can mine stone or even metal.  At higher levels, a Saw can be used to Trim a material for higher level crafts.

When you are looking at equipment or even food, keep an eye out for things that increase your Building Ability or Furniture Crafting Ability. Additionally you will gain increases to your construction abilities through increasing your intelligence (INT) and endurance (END) stats.

Different tags on different materials will add effects to your buildings. In general the yellow tag adds something positive. As an example, if you use Lightweight wood material to construct a storage container it will have an Increased Storage Space tag, giving you more room in that storage box. There are a bunch of different tags so experiment and see what benefits each provides!

Construction Projects

(Credit to DinkyGaming)

After you get started in construction having different projects or goals to accomplish will make the levels fly by and the experience roll in. So here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Build and furnish a large house/mansion – Will you have a fancy luxurious house? Or will it be a simple and function building? Can’t decide? Build both!
  • Build some taming pens and animal pens – Build a place to tame and house your prehistoric companions! You start with the ability to tame up to 3 animals so make sure you have somewhere to house them.
  • Craft Some “Travel Kits” for you and your friends – Build a Tent, cooking fire, and workbench as a basic Travel Kit. This way you can set up anywhere on an Unstable Island  and have a place to heal, craft, and cook.
  • Complete the Living Quarters Career Guide at Radio University – This is a longer term goal but as you complete parts of it you will unlock titles that give bonuses and even extra Skill Points.
  • Build and sell stuff on the Island Market – Crafting workbenches, animal pens, and processing stations like drying racks or kilns are always in demand. Take advantage of this and sell some to your fellow pioneers on the Island Market.
  • Create Cool Signs – If you have an artistic streak you can create custom signs, package them up and relocate or sell them and they will keep the design drawn on them!  

Thanks for Reading

We look forward to you joining us in Durango! We hope this short introduction to Construction was helpful and informative. If there are other skills you’d like us to cover let us know in the comments below! Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all the newest Durango news and events!

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hola q tal estuve en la isla 60 de hielo y pos me parece una barbaridad q suba tanto la fatiga en esas islas estaria excelente si hacen algunos cambios con la fatiga bajarla un poco y q la recuperacion de fatiga en esas islas sea lo mas equvaldente para volver a farmear es una sugerencia q les ayudara mucho

Yo, can u like just make an app, a guide app for durango? It will be so helpful

@Aixen – No app unfortunately, but we have more blogs planned to help with the various tradeskills and other game functions. More to come, stay tuned!

Can you make a arcticle and explain buff ?

I have an max account but will not log in after updating

can the roof and wall or fences material be color dye?

it would look awesome if we can dye the color of the wall and rooftop…as well as fences/walls too…. \(*-*)/

is there any way to “upgrade” without destroying stuff? like do i have to destroy my fence in order to make a wall?

Nexon please make a test builder for enclave/domain housing so we can test our design xD

Hi, could someone, somewhere, please explain the complexity rating/debuff on houses please?
Maybe an info (i) next to it in-game?
Trying to maximise comfort but have complexity debuffs in my buildings and no idea what it means or how to mitigate it.
Please add a paragraph above to help us with materials planning for our constructions.
Thank you!

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