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Durango: Wild Lands – Cooking

Food is the fuel that lets pioneers continue to hunt, gather, and build in Durango. Is that mushroom safe to eat or should you boil it first? What kind of seasoning should you use on that steak? One of the professions that has the most options to explore and discover is Cooking. Everything from a simple meat skewer to a salt seasoned roast is available to the skilled chef and crafting the perfect dish for the job will be the mark of a true master.

Cooking – Skills

  • Cooking Techniques – This allows you to learn different techniques and styles of cooking food. From barbecuing to deep frying, each technique will create some unique effect for the dish.  
  • Food Processing – Take the raw materials and turn them into more advanced cooking ingredients. Extract the salt from seawater, grind wheat to make flour, and more. This is also where you will find the methods to craft the various animal feeds.
  • Special Dishes – Specific dishes that require specific ingredients in order to cook. They are more complex but can provide unique bonuses. Things like sushi, sandwiches, and hamburgers are included here.
  • Preservation – These are different ways of increasing how long a piece of food or an ingredient can last before going bad and being destroyed.
  • Baking / Diary – For some of the higher level and more complex foods, you will be required to make dough, butter, cheese, or cream. If you dedicate enough time and effort to cooking you can even bring pizza to Durango.
  • Medicine / Dyes  – Included in this category is recovery medicine for your HP as well as some preventative antiserums that can protect you from insect stings, bleeding, and more. This is also where you will find the recipes to create various dyes and bleach used in customizing your equipment’s color.
  • Advanced Cooking – This will increase your skill in cooking. Decreasing the failure chance and increasing the critical success chance when creating dishes.

Efficiency Tip

Processing your raw materials before you cook them will increase the amount of energy they can restore and may even add additional effects. As an example, if you process a piece of raw meat into a meat dumpling before you cook it as a skewer it can nearly double the amount of energy you get from it and it will add a small strength (STR) bonus.

At the higher levels of Cooking, some ingredients will give additional benefits to your dish. If you make a pizza with a meat topping it gives increased Mining Ability. Experiment and find out which ingredients give which buffs!

Complimentary Skills

Being able to gather, grow, and process your own ingredients allows you to take full advantage of a chef’s skillset. Levelling up some of these supporting skills will go a long way in allowing you to become a self-sufficient cooking master.

  • Farming – Being able to grow a specific ingredient yourself will help save both time and T-Stones. To help support your cooking endeavors, focusing on the Food Crops will be the way to go. If you are also focusing in on creating medicine, then putting some Skill Points into the Flowers section will benefit you as well.   
  • Gathering – The Herbalism skill line in the Unusual Plants category and the Fruit skill line in the Plants category are going allow you to gather the plants and fruits you will need as ingredients. Be sure to grab the Wild Seeds skill line in Unusual Plants if you are speccing into Farming as well.
  • Butchering – There are really only 2 categories you should spec into here. Carving to get the best cuts of meat and Butchering Basics to increase your success chance.  

Useful Tools and Stats

In order to cook most items, you will require a Cooking Fire of some sort. These can be anything from a simple bonfire to a specialized oven or stove. A trusty Knife is always necessary in a kitchen. It will help you collect meat, plants, and help you process other ingredients. Using a Mortar to help you process and grind spices can add some additional flavor and bonuses to your dishes. Be sure to always bring along a Container to gather both seawater and freshwater. Doing so will help you in creating stews, broths, as well as creating salt. Having the correct Cooking Tool for the job is also very important. Some recipes call for a Pot while others require a Stone Plate. Be sure to have the right tools for what you are trying to cook! If you are dabbling in Farming to help fill your ingredient box, be sure to have a Hoe on had to help tend the fields.

Find out what other bonuses you can receive by going to the Character Menu and selecting your Crafting Power.

When you are looking at equipment or cooking up a dish, keep an eye out for things that increase your Cooking Ability. Additionally, you will gain increases to your cooking abilities through increasing your intelligence (INT) and charisma (CHA) stats. If your Cooking Ability is high enough, you will unlock extra bonuses and even be able to recover materials from failed crafts.

Cooking Projects

Credit: Durango isnt real
  • The Meat Dumpling Stone Plate BBQ – This is an amazing dish to craft early on. It restores a lot of energy, gives a slight STR buff, and only requires a Stone Plate, Cooking Fire, Mortar, and two pieces of raw meat to cook 2 dishes!   
  • Herbal Tea – Help keep your Health full by cooking some medicinal herbal tea. Keep an eye out for herbs or flowers, like the wild rose, that have a natural Health Recovery effect.   
  • Pet Food – Keep your pet’s energy topped up with Proto Porridge and Meat Meal. These are much more efficient compared to just raw leaves, fruit, or meat.
  • Complete the Cooking Career Guide at Radio University – This is a longer-term goal but as you complete parts of it you will unlock titles that give bonuses to INT, CHA, Max Energy, and Cooking Ability.  You will even receive some extra Skill Points after completing each section.
  • Sell dishes or medicine on the Island Market – Not everyone will want to spend the time to cook. Take advantage of that by keeping an eye on the Island Market for high-value dishes. High energy foods, medical pills, and animal feed are all great ways to make some quick T-Stones.  

Thanks for Reading

We look forward to you joining us in Durango! We hope this short introduction to Cooking was helpful and informative. If there are other skills you’d like us to cover let us know in the comments below! Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all the newest Durango news and events.

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Durango … there are players that are getting to go on the wild islands and some that are not getting in … why is this happening? west server.

Can You guys, make a tournament island

im suggesting this to you creators so that having a clan to clan battle is a good thing for a pvp type role playing game

Tournament island
-Like Capture the flag
Instead of using flag, we use warps.. 5 warps per tournament island.. 1 clan must control 3 warps for 20mins to win the tournament…

The winning clan will be rewarded.. the reward depends on what the devs want.

Pls do share more specific things!
We need more pro chef in this wild lands.

Ps: this wild lands needs more rule tbh. Devs u guys should add some new feature in the next update. Thx for developing this great game

Really a pain to come up with faster health recovery dishes or medicine. So far the best I’ve done is seasoned BBQ Rose steak. Anyone know better ones?

Health recovery really starts to pick up at Cooking LvL 40, where you can make improvised pills. Moss from Swamp islands is great for this.

I cant find anything on how to make attack feed for carnivores

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