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Durango: Wild Lands – Farming

Durango is a game that you can play however you want. Some pioneers have found it preferable to cultivate the various resources people need from the comfort of their own island. These farmers can provide high-quality ingredients used in medicine, cooking, and construction. Let’s dive into what it takes to start your farming journey in this blog!

Farming – The Basics

Farming is easy to start and as you level up you’ll be able to farm a wider variety of crops, increase their yields, and even create higher quality goods!

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Build a field to grow crops – You can use Mud and a Hoe to build a small or large field to grow crops.

2. Plant seeds on the field – Select the field and the seed you wish to plant. Seeds can be gathered from plants, found in animal droppings, or purchased from the Island Market.

3. Water and fertilize the field – After you plant a seed in a field a timer will start. That is how much time you have to provide water and fertilizer to the field.

  • Water – Water is required in order for a crop to grow. The amount of water will depend on what you are growing.
  • Fertilizer – Fertilizer is not required but will increase the yield of the crop.

4. Wait for the crop to grow – After providing the water and fertilizer, you will need to wait for the crop to grow. Crops may not always survive but the higher your Farming skill is the more likely it is that they will survive.  

5. Gather the crop – If the crops survives, you will be rewarded with the gatherables. You will also be able to gather some seeds to regrow that crop.

6. Clear the field and plant the next crop – once you have gathered what you need from the field, select the Remove Crop option to clear out the field. You can then start from Step 2!

Farming – Skills

  • Food Crops – Vegetables and grain that can be grown and used in cooking as an ingredient. These are grown in small fields.  
  • Wood / Trees – Trees can offer flowers, fruits, and leaves on top of the actual wood you can gather from them. They tend to take a bit more time to grow and require a large field, but they give more resources overall.
  • Flowers – Various flowers that can be used for decoration or for creating medicines. These can take either small or large fields to grow so be sure to read the skill description.  
  • Farming Fields and Tools – This is where you learn to build fields, craft fertilizer, and fermentation boards. You can also learn how to craft sprinklers. Sprinklers make watering crops much easier and faster.
  • Functional Crop – Crops that can be refined into other materials, like flax and cotton. Sugar cane and mushrooms can also be found in this category.  
  • Advanced Farming – This increase your skill in planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops. Decreasing the failure chance and increasing the critical success chance when harvesting.

TIP -Support Organization
The Support Organization menu allows you to request items from the various organizations of Durango. Once you reach your first Unstable Island you will be able to take missions from the Chlorophyll Forum and start building your Trust Tier (Reputation) with them. The Chlorophyll Forum will offer various farming supplies like seeds, hoes, and fertilizer through the Support Organization menu. Be sure to take advantage of this!

Complimentary Skills

Farming isn’t the only skill you’ll need to be self-sufficient as a farmer. Being able to craft tools, build storage containers, and create wells for easy access to water will all make your life a lot easier.

  • Weapon/Tool – Hoes, Shovels, and Knives are needed for growing and gathering crops.
  • Construction – Being able to build your own storage boxes, wells, and pens are all very useful to a farmer.
  • Processing – Higher level storage boxes and sprinklers require certain processed material in order to craft.
  • Tailoring – Water is a big deal to farmers. The canteens and containers you can craft through tailoring can gather three or more water per gather. Very useful if you need a lot of water for fields.  

Useful Tools and Info

You will use a variety of tools as a farmer. Hoes are used in to create the fields you will use to grow your crops. Shovels are used to gather mud, animal droppings, and dig wells. Knives and Axes are used to gather the crops you grow. Knives are more commonly used so we suggest having a few on hand at all times in case one runs low on durability.

The key stats that affect farmers are Will (WIL) and Charisma (CHA). These will increase your Farming Ability allowing you a higher chance of your crops surviving and will increase the success rate of the gathering these crops. Be sure to keep an eye out for food or equipment that boost any of those two stats or your Farming Ability.  

The level of the crop that you receive after gathering it actually depends on three things. The level of the field used to grow it, the level of the seed you used, and your Farming level when you gather it. Based on these three factors you can actually get higher level seeds than you planted. This can be very useful if you have a rare seed but it is a lower level. You can raise the seeds level by using a higher level field.

Dedicated farmers can aim to complete the farming portion of the Encyclopedia. You can get to the Encyclopedia by selecting it in the menu. Each crop will have an entry in the Encyclopedia and as you farm more of it, it will level up. As an example, if you were to get Wheat up to level 5, you would be able to reduce the amount of water or fertilizer that is required to grow it. At higher levels you can reduce the energy required to gather a crop or even unlock special attributes.

Farming Projects

Credit to DinkyGaming
  • Build sprinklers to water your crops – Sprinklers require you to plan where your fields are a bit more but can be very worth it. They can provide a lot of water very quickly and will save you from having to go gather water yourself.  
  • Build a pen and get an animal for fertilizer Building a Makeshift Pen and capturing a Zebraceratops or Protoceratops will help secure you a steady supply of fertilizer.
  • Find a crop to specialize in and unlock its special attributes – This is a bit of a longer term goal, but can be very beneficial. Unlocking a latent or rare attribute by leveling up a specific crop will make it much more desirable.   
  • Sell your crops on the Island Market – Some items, like Ume Trees, are not found out in the world naturally and much be grown. Take note of what your clanmates, friends, and other pioneers are asking for and see if you can grow some of the ingredients that are needed for them. Wheat is a great example. Flour is used in a lot of higher level cooking recipes and is always desirable.  

Thanks for Reading

We look forward to you joining us in Durango! We hope this short introduction to farming was helpful and informative. If there are other skills you’d like us to cover let us know in the comments below! Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all the newest Durango news and events!

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