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Durango: Wild Lands – Tips and Tricks

The Warp leads to a mysterious land of dinosaurs. A prehistoric land filled with rich natural resources interspersed with modern day items. Embrace your inner pioneer to thrive in the vast and dangerous wilderness of Durango. We have some helpful info and tips for you new pioneers. Let’s dive into it now!

Health, Energy, and Fatigue

Durango has three main resource bars for your character. Knowing what each of these bars do and what activities affect them will ensure you are never caught unable to finish gathering a resource or use a combat ability.

Health and Life – The Red Bar
These are both displayed by the red bar and are used in combat.

Health is the amount of Life you have. When you take a hit in combat you will lose a small amount. In order to recover Health, take some medicine or rest at a bonfire.

Life is the amount of damage you can take before dying. Life regenerates slowly over time and regenerates even faster if you are resting at a building like a bonfire or tent.

Energy and Stamina – The Blue Bar
These are both displayed by the blue bar and are used in combat, gathering, and other activities.

Energy is the amount of Stamina you have and is the fuel you use to perform most non-combat actions like gathering, crafting, or building. The only way to recover Energy is by eating food.

Stamina is what you use to perform active combat actions like Kick or Body Tackle. Used Stamina is shown as a light blue but will regenerate fairly quickly over time.

Fatigue – The Smiley Face Bar

Fatigue is how tired your character is. How fast you gain fatigue will depend on things like what equipment you are wearing and what environment you are in. You can reduce Fatigue by consuming Fatigue resorting items or by resting.

Leveling and Skills


As you gather, craft, and hunt in Durango you will naturally raise your Character and Skill Levels. Most everything you do will give you EXP in one of the skills. Gather some reeds? You gain Gathering EXP.  Your Skill Level cannot exceed your Character Level for any of your skills. So if your Character Level is 34 you will not be able to get to level 35 Gathering until your Character Level reaches 35.


As you level up your Character Level you will gain SP or Skill Points that you can spend to unlock various craftable items or actions within the skill trees. You can unlearn 5 skills per day for free so don’t hesitate to experiment and try out the various skills!

Every 5 Skill Levels you will be required to Research the skill in order to advance its level. You can only be researching one skill at a time so plan accordingly.

Staking a Claim

After completing the first two tutorial islands you will be sent off on a hot air balloon to a Tamed Island to claim a Domain of your very own. You can expand your Domain up to 13 section for free so space won’t be an issue! Buildings you construct within your Tamed Island Domain will not degrade and you can even set it up your friends can use them!  

Types of Islands

The Warp works in mysterious ways and the world of Durango is constantly shifting and changing. Durango is made up of many small islands and while some are permanent, others seem to shift in and out of Durango. There are several types of islands that make up this world.

  • Tamed Islands are private personal islands where pioneers build their own camp. These are permanent and do not disappear.
  • Unstable Islands (red swirls) are where you will find higher level resources, dinosaurs to hunt and tame, and the Communications Center quest hub. These islands will disappear and “refresh” every so often. So don’t build anything on them you want to keep!
  • Civilized Islands are higher level islands that clans and pioneers can claim a Domain on together. While the islands are permanent it will cost T-Stones, Durango’s currency, to maintain and buildings will slowly degrade over time.
  • Savage Islands are high-level areas that feature PVP.


Durango has several different organizations that will give you missions through the Communications Center on Unstable Islands. By completing these missions, you will earn their trust and be able to request special support packages from them. These packages contain a wide variety of things ranging from food to high-level crafting components. You can learn a bit more about these organizations here.

Follow the Red Dots

In Durango, you’ll find there are a ton of rewards given to you for doing everything; from crafting, to leveling, even just logging in! Everywhere that has a Red Dot leads to some sort of reward or task for you to complete, so be sure to regularly check your Menu to see what’s available!

  • Login Rewards: Don’t miss out on these special rewards that are delivered daily on your character. You can also pick up special event rewards on login, or login on weekends for different items.
  • Daily / Weekly Tasks: These are more like milestones as you play through the Wildlands and are applied to everything you do. Rewards can range from T-Stones, Experience, and even some Warp Gems as you complete enough of them.
  • Mail Rewards: Located at the top of the menus, this is where you’ll find some of the Pre-Registration rewards. Check back often, you never know what you’ll find…

Landscape or Portrait – You Decide!

One of the best things about Durango is playing the way you want. This already happens with all the crafting and exploring, but it goes a step further. Tucked away in the settings menu is the ability to play in either Landscape or Portrait mode on your phone or tablet.

Simply browse to the settings menu, hit the gear icon, and find ‘Screen Orientation’ in the list. We personally like playing in Portrait while on the go and Landscape while relaxing on the couch. Experiment and find the best way to play!

Career Guide at Radio University

Ok, so you’ve finished the tutorial, you are out on your own in the world—what’s next? A good starting point is the Career Guide hosted by our old friend Lamar from the Radio University organization. There are seven sections, ranging from Combat, Tailoring, Cooking, and more. Each section starts at the basics and specializes more and more as you keep going.

One of the best perks of completing a Guide is a special in-game title. This not only shows off your knowledge to players in the world, but it also grants you stats you can apply from your Character tab! Pick the title that best suits the activity you take part in while exploring the Wildlands.

Join the Community!

Durango is best played with friends or alongside some new clanmates. Finding and playing in groups is super rewarding, strike up a conversation about in-game features, work on missions in the Unstable Islands, or even build up your Clan Enclave on a Civilized island. Here’s a quick list of great communities in game and out of game to help you build that group of friends in Durango:

  • The Bonfire – Each unstable Island features a Bonfire to help you rest to regain some health or do some on-the-fly cooking. They also are excellent places to meet some new Pioneers while hanging out. Strike up a conversation, send an encouraging emoji, or even do some light hearted dancing/
  • Official Facebook – While not in game, come hang out on our official Facebook page! Lots of Clans do recruiting from our page, and it’s also a good place to catch up on details about new events. [Click Here for Facebook]
  • Reddit & Discord: These player run communities are great for anyone looking for a helpful hand. These non-official communities feature some of the most die hard players with expert level knowledge of the game. We really like both spaces and encourage everyone to check them out. [Click Here for Reddit] [Click Here for Discord]

Thanks for Reading

We look forward to you joining us in Durango! Share some of your tips and tricks with us in the comments below. Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all the newest Durango news and events!

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I am on a misson on the game under the tab the old world called smile together and it says you have to cheer and i dont know how to

@Leon – There’s a smiley face in the bottom left of the screen that opens up an emote menu. Use the same smile emote in the list to cheer on other players that you see in the Wild Lands. We hope this helps!

Whay i can’t leave a clan

How to get sp point please tell me

You can get SP (Skill Points) by leveling up your character and by completing certain missions in the Task Menu.

How do we send gifts from Durango’s shop, wanting to send a skill reset ticket to a friend.

Wish we could still earn skill points after we hit lvl 60 so we could continue to grow. We could have some type of special tasks to complete to earn them.

Hello developers! I wonder if it is possible to recover an account, which I forgot the access email. My nickname for this account is: “AureoBarbosa # 6268KHz”, I am level 53. Please, if possible, help me!

Thanks for the Awesome Information

How do you get a flag

If your fatigue is maxed and you really need to reduce fatigue but can’t buy any potions is there a fast way to reduce it by just resting??

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