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MARVEL Battle Lines – Battle Line Basics: Deck Building

Welcome back to Battle Line Basics. As a strategic card battle game, a big part of MARVEL Battle Lines is deck building and strategy. Today, we’ll go over what you need to know in order to build your ultimate deck of Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villians. If you missed our first blog on the different card types and resources, we’ve got you covered – check it out here before we dive into deck building.  


Select a Deck Leader

In MARVEL Battle Lines, each player will select a Deck Leader to battle with. These Deck Leaders have unique abilities like increasing resource gain, damaging opponents on the battlefield, and even stealing your opponent’s resources! Each deck leader increases your Hit Points and has different strengths and weaknesses. Since each one has unique abilities, your choice of Deck Leader changes how you play. So choose wisely. 

While at first you will be limited in your choices – you’ll quickly unlock additional Deck Leaders as you progress through the game.  

Creating Your Deck

Once you have selected a Deck Leader the real fun can begin—selecting cards for your deck!

Each deck consists of 12 cards. You will be able to save up to 5 different decks of varying strategies and playstyles. The only limitation to creating your deck is that it must contain at least 3 character cards that cost 0 cosmic fragments to play.

Whether you are out to create the perfect competitive Player vs. Player deck or tweaking a deck to finish a particularly tricky Special Ops mission, being able to find the right card for the job is key. In the “MY CARDS” menu, you will have access to sorting and filtering options to help you find that card. You will be able to sort and filter cards by name, rarity, card level, attack, health, and even cosmic fragment cost.  

Deck Building Tips:

Whether you are brand new or an experienced veteran of the card battle genre, it is always helpful to have a starting point and few tips and tricks to help you get going. Here is some helpful advice from us to help you get started on your MARVEL Battle Lines journey!

  • Play through the Campaign Mode, it will help you get familiar with the game and provide you with some cards as well.
  • Have at least 1 Action card in your deck. Action Cards are very powerful and can be the key to achieving victory.
  • Experiment! Try a fast-paced Black Widow deck with more 0-cost characters, or try a heavier Iron Man deck with high attack and HP characters that pack a punch.
  • Adjust your deck. If you haven’t used a card in a few battles, switch it with a different one and see how it feels. Small changes, even a single card, can make the world of difference.


Thanks for reading! What advice do you veteran deck builders have for the newbies out there? Let us know if the comments below.

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Hello. I was wondering if a new apk file for the new update would be avaliable? As it is not avaliable in my region yet. I have spent money on the game and would like to continue playing.

I purchased a card pack for $9.99 and haven’t received my cards.

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This comment is awaiting moderation.