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MARVEL Battle Lines – Interview with Alex Irvine

In MARVEL Battle Lines you will get to experience an original and unique story featuring some of the most iconic Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains when you play through the Campaign Mode. Today we are lucky enough to be able to sit down with the incredibly talented individual who created this and other Marvel storylines Alex Irvine.


Let’s get right to it – tell us a bit about yourself and some of the Marvel stories you have created.

A: Well, I’ve done a few different things for Marvel. Before MARVEL Battle Lines, I wrote the games Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Marvel War of Heroes, and Marvel Puzzle Quest. On the comics front, my first Marvel book was a Hellstorm MAX series, and I also did Daredevil Noir and Iron Man: Rapture. I’ve also written sixteen Marvel novels, mostly novelizations of the movies but also original books about Iron Man and The Ultimates.

When I’m not doing all that, I’m usually chasing after my kids (there are 4 of them), playing games, working on other projects… One thing in particular I’ll mention is The Comic Book Story of Baseball, which I wrote, with fantastic art from Tomm Coker and C.P. Smith. It came out in May.


Who is your favorite Marvel character and what drew you to them?

A: Doctor Strange, mostly because of how bonkers Steve Ditko’s art is in the books that I first encountered. I also loved him because I loved fantasy stories and in Doctor Strange comics, fantasy and Super Hero stuff came together. Spider-Man was my other favorite, but the utter weirdness of Doctor Strange completely entranced me. That same quality made Devil Dinosaur another one of my favorite books. I also loved ROM and the Micronauts.


You were able to create a completely unique story for MARVEL Battle Lines. How did decide where to begin and who to include?

A: There are always a lot of moving parts when you put a story like this together. I have characters I really want to use all the time, and of course I want to give the fans a big helping of all their favorites. So you’ll see the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Defenders…but you’ll also see a lot of other characters, because this is a big story that takes place all over Earth (and in some other dimensions as well!). We begin, of course, with Captain America and the Red Skull battling over the Cosmic Cube, which is  aboard the Alpha Flight Space Station in space. During the battle, the Cube explodes, and both the Red Skull and Captain America disappear. Part of what follows is a search for Captain America, but something strange is also happening back on Earth, where the mysterious Wands of Watoomb are resonating with the energy of the Cube’s destruction…

Because I’ve got the Cosmic Cube and the Wands of Watoomb, there are all kinds of chances to put supernatural and cosmic characters together, creating new groupings — which will maybe give players some new ideas for playable combinations!

The other thing to consider when you’re putting together a story of this scale is that in the beginning, you have to plant the seeds for a ton of future content. We’ve got a lot of stuff set up for the future, and I can’t wait for players to see it all.


MARVEL Battle Lines features your story about how the Cosmic Cube is shattered and the shards are scattered. What are these shards and how do they fit into your story?

A: Once the Cosmic Cube is shattered, countless shards of it rain down all over Earth. Each of them contains a bit of the essence of a person, and if that person has a super power, the shard contains a bit of that, too. The player is an ordinary person who happens to have the ability to channel the powers inherent in each shard. S.H.I.E.L.D. discovers this, and Tony Stark rigs up a machine the player can use to control and deploy the powers of the shards. The powers of the shards are critical in the battle against the game’s various villains—who are also searching for them and planning to use them to power various doomsday schemes. So the player gets to go along with the world’s Super Heroes, and man, who wouldn’t wish for that?


What advice would you give to those who are aspiring to take on your story in MARVEL Battle Lines?

A: Be ready for a story that takes you from New York to Asgard to Wakanda to the Dark Dimension to K’un Lun, battling Hydra, Dormammu, the Masters of Evil…all in the first five chapters, while you’re also trying to figure out what happened to Captain America. Then things really get crazy…


I think that just about wraps it up, do you have anything you want to say to the readers?

A: First and foremost, thanks for playing and reading! I really do feel grateful that I can do this for a living, and that’s all because of the people who read my books and play these games. And if you’re curious to know more, you can always check out my Twitter (@alexirvine) or browse through links to all my published stuff at <alexirvine.blogspot.com>.

Now get out there and save the world!


Thank you Alex for the amazing insight into the creative mind of our story writer. Be sure to pre-register so you can experience Alex’s story firsthand!

Pre-Register here: http://bit.ly/2Ofo7t5

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